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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is EnCore System Professionals, Inc.?
EnCore System Professionals, Inc. is a privately held corporation that develops, markets and supports group health benefit management systems designed for healthcare payer and provider enterprises including TPAs self-funded employers, insurance companies and Taft-Hartley plans. Initially founded in 1980 as BeneSys, Inc., a data processing service bureau and custom software developer, the company now serves a national client base from our office in Houston, Texas.

What products does EnCore offer?
EnCore System Professionals, Inc. comprehensive application solutions provide group health administration and claims management solutions for medical, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits, medical management, member services and an information suite that provides ad hoc, system and analytical reporting. In addition, EnCore also offers an EDI translator that is 5010 ready. A data mart is also available for you to pull the information you need for your business.

What services does EnCore offer?
Extensive support services offered by EnCore System Professionals, Inc. includes:
  • Business Planning and Requirements
  • Implementation and training
  • Technical and business consulting
  • System development and integration
  • Data conversion
  • Expert customer support
  • System hardware and software configuration

What makes EnCore System Professionals different?
EnCore System Professionals, Inc. is born of expert knowledge and practical know-how that only comes from hands-on experience accrued over a period of years.  Our people understand that great products and superior customer service are an unbeatable combination that will breed success for our clients and ultimately for EnCore System Professionals, Inc. We work hard to deliver on that promise.

What is the underlying software technology for EnCore software solutions?
Underlying our series of solutions is PowerHouse® by Cognos®, an advanced application development environment. Systems developed in PowerHouse® preserve your software investment and exploit new technologies to your advantage since they are portable across different hardware platforms. Our PowerHouse development environment makes it very easy to modify and maintain programs with little effort. As healthcare rules change, processing capabilities must be continually updated. In addition customer business requirements change and require new process functions as well. While competing solutions might take several months to address such issues, EnCore System Professionals, Inc., with Cognos technology can effect changes quickly. Customers have repeatedly told us that they consider such capability an important advantage for them.

How long does it take to install and implement a typical installation?
Typically, new installations are installed and implemented in less than half the time that is normally consumed by competitive offerings.  This is due primarily to EnCore system setup processes that have been streamlined using Cognos PowerHouse database management tools. There are no unnecessary duplications, confusing setup protocols and awkward methodologies that severely impact productivity and accuracy. Such capability provides significant reductions in the total cost of ownership..

What third-party reporting tools can be used with EnCore applications?
Any ODBC off-the-shelf report writing package will function nicely with EnCore applications. We recommend Crystal Reports, a product of Crystal Decision.

How does EnCore System Professionals, Inc. handle data conversion?
EnCore data conversion utilities provide the means to upload, maintain and extract relevant data elements from legacy systems. EnCore support people are assigned to client data conversion projects and perform these conversions according to an agreed upon project plan and estimated time schedule.

How can I learn more about EnCore products and services?
Additional information concerning EnCore products and services can be obtained by either emailing EnCore at detailing your specific interest, or you may simply call EnCore at 877-536-2673.