Welcome to EnCore System Professionals. We are confident that your visit with us today will be useful to you as you seek medical claim processing solutions for your healthcare enterprise.

Your task is not trivial. The decisions you make will have a significant impact on the productivity and efficiency of your enterprise. Consequently, you will want to select a system that will increase employee productivity, improve your operating effectiveness, and help you remain competitive both today and in the future.

That is exactly the kind of system we offer. Advanced features, flexible options, and bottom-line impact are what the EnCore series of solutions deliver.

Supporting these advanced solutions is our absolute commitment to superior customer service, our acclaimed healthcare industry expertise, and our plan for protecting your software investment. We are focused on delivering the highest possible ROI for our clients, and helping you achieve the results you seek: Faster, smarter more productive health claims processing solutions.

We appreciate your interest and welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities with you.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Warm Regards,

Robyn Jacobson, CEO


Some History

EnCore System Professionals, Inc. has been providing innovative employee benefits systems to a national client base since 1980 when it was founded as BeneSys, Inc. As a data processing service bureau, the initial focus of the company was the development of systems designed specifically to meet individual client's needs.

Our staff of professionals became knowledgeable in the benefit marketplace through the development of custom software solutions designed in partnership with our clients. In 1987, BeneSys decided to shift the company’s orientation from designing custom software to developing software products specific to the healthcare industry. The results of these efforts is a series of flexible, user-oriented applications for Group Health Administration.

Because we are always looking to improve our software, forming new partnerships to extend the feature richness of our product line and sharing technology have always been priorities here at EnCore System Professionals. We seek to integrate best-of-breed third party solutions to leverage the capabilities and functionality of our own products.

Excellence in customer service is more than a slogan at EnCore. It's an attitude that we promote and a reputation that we protect. EnCore people work as highly responsive client-oriented teams. We listen to our customers, we work collectively with them, we deliver.